The all-new for 2019 best vapes & mods for huge clouds

HoneyStick Vaporizers- 2019 Best Vapes & Mods for huge clouds

Whether you’re a casual vaper or a cloud chaser – here is a list of 2019 best vapes & mods for huge clouds, HoneyStick has to offer. Just about anybody who loves vaping can appreciate and enjoy the amazing view of a huge cloud, not to mention intensity & flavor delivered by vapes.

It doesn’t matter who you are, anybody knows that only the best of the best quality vape mods and huge clouds makers – will give you those big, thick and intense clouds everybody loves. Let’s explore some of the best vapes & biggest cloud chasing mods out in the market, and judge the size, the volume, the density of the cloud, and see which vape produces the biggest cloud.

Sport Sub-Ohm Vape – best for intense & huge clouds!

The HoneyStick Sport sub-ohm oil vaporizer MOD is no stranger to the cloud chasing scene. Honeystick has been producing some of the best clouds, huge in comparison to the standard vape pen. The Sport sub-ohm is a compact on-the-go vape that packs a powerful punch. Don’t let this carbon fiber patterned vape’s compact size fool you; with 2,000 MAH power plant and a maximum of 60 Watt output the HoneyStick Sport MOD is one of the best vapes & mods for huge clouds for 2019

Combined with the HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Sport tank that it comes with it can hold 1.8 ML of your favorite essential oil or vape e-juice. With that capacity and power in a compact vape you can really impress you friends with your huge vape clouds.

Sport Sub-Ohm Vape - 2019 Best Vapes & Mods for huge clouds
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The Ripper 2.0 – 2019 edition best for Oil & Wax ‘Rips’

The 2019 edition Ripper 2.0, two-in-one Oil / Wax vape concealer is the smallest HoneyStick sub-ohm unit and takes number one in the top & best cloud producer vapes out there. Bringing the sub-ohm technology which means you have much less resistance fast heat up time and you’re able to just put so much more power into the cartridge. Not only the Ripper will hit the vape tank at its max level, but it also brings out the best flavor out of the cartridge and delivers the best huge clouds out of our all 2019 vapes & mods.

The ripper is a must get if you enjoy a concealer that comes with high power. The ripper really shines with its small size and powerful 1300 mAh rechargeable battery. The Ripper has a flip-top closing disguised as a lighter makes it ultra-discrete.

The textured grip on the product makes it feel amazing to grab. It feels like it was made to fit in your hand perfectly. A lot of people prefer the square shape with rounded corners the ripper has to fit snugger into your palm rather than a long cylinder shaped vape pen. The oil capacity for this vape pen is 1 mL which is 0.3 less than the Sub-Ohm Sport – but that’s the beauty. It allows the vape to be more compact, smaller and easier to conceal.

The Ripper 2.0 Vaporizer - 2019 Best Vapes & Mods for huge clouds
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New for 2019 BeeMaster Twin – Double Vape Cloud Power! Literally.

BeeMaster Twin vape can have two cartridges loaded in and allow to vape them both at the same time. The Dual BeeMaster, 2019 pretender to the best vape for huge clouds, pairs to 510 thread cartridges and allow you to take a simultaneous hit. It’s an auto-draw unit and yet, you don’t need glasses to tell you that Twin vape blew a massive and huge cloud!

The BeeMaster-Twin vape is literally doubling up the amount of cloud when you draw improves the vape cartridge experience to an entirely new level and delivering thick, double-sized huge cloud. This Double barrel 510 thread auto-draw vaporizer is the only concealer allowing you to do multiple strains and multiple vape flavors at the same time. Enhance your vaping experience with mix and match as well as monster rips from the best BeeMaster Tween Vape for huge clouds.

The BeeMaster Twin – Double Vape - 2019 Best Vapes & Mods for huge clouds
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