Introducing Alpha-Cat Portable Water Pipe

Water Pipe / Portable Bong by Honeystick

The Alpha-Cat portable bong is made especially for those cannabis smokers who travel and want to remain as discreet as possible as they pass through whatever jurisdictions that their work might lead them to. Of course, that is not to discredit the Alpha Cat Bong from being kept within someone’s home, but it’s easy disassembly allows it to be quickly packed into luggage or other areas without standing out in an exaggerated manner that would otherwise mark it obviously as a water bong for drugs.

A travel-friendly bong brings all of the ideal water filtrations that one needs in order to get the expected smooth large clouds of smoke. Not only is the alternative expensive glass bong not good to carry because it can allow for a preponderance of the evidence, but no one wants to break one that can cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, some of the most expensive glass bongs carry price tags in the thousands of dollars. The Alpha Cat Bong is for sale at the best prices guaranteed directly at

So Much More than just Water Pipe

Sometimes it may be hard or inconvenient to get your hands on a cleaning brush, and so including it is sort of like getting the toy in the Happy Meal. A few minutes of care for the piece after use will increase longevity and provide a smoother rip next time you’ll use your weed bong.

Butane Pipe Lighter Included
Portable Weed Grinder Build-In

The mini bong kit comes with a myriad of essential accessories that ensures that the smoker who owns an Alpha-Cat portable bong will always have everything that he or she needs handy. This includes its own glass down-stem, cleaning brush, lighter, and then there are storage areas within the weed bong for bud, rolling tips, and rolling papers.

Blunt Wraps - Roll Papers Included
Paper Pipe Filters Included

Mini Bong with Storage Galore

Alpha-cat mini bong carries numerous features, and this includes a three-part storage area that is made to hold three filled cones. This is in addition to a storage compartment that will hold an eighth of bud. This means that this weed bong kit will generally accommodate most smokers for the duration of average trips. Likewise, the water chamber can hold what amounts to about a third of a regular water bottle. This is held in with a number of seals and rings so that you do not have to deal with leaks or spills ruining clothes or luggage.

Water in Water Pipe Bong

The aforementioned storage capability does not mean that this portable water pipe should merely be filled and rarely changed. Most pros are going to say that the water should be changed after every use in order to keep a foul smell and discoloration from building up. It is made of a more porous material rather than difficult glass, but this does mean that there is more of a responsibility to care for your water pipe bong.

Travel Mini Bong Performance

One of the primary questions that smokers have is in regard to how this plastic mini bong will perform in relation to its glass peers. First, you must keep in mind that it was designed and built with mobility in mind, and so it is not going to be quite as smooth as a coffee table piece. But, for its purpose, it is actually one of the better bongs on the market and is affordable as an additional backup piece to break out when trips are upcoming. Most smokers, ranging from light to heavy, will find that it outperforms the less likable dry glass pieces and papers.

Portable Bong Elements included

How portable is this mini bong?

The outstanding accessory lighter is refillable, and then it has a flame that comes out like a regular dabbing torch. There are some who think that it looks great and compliments the portable bong in many regards. However, there are some downfalls. One of these is that the grinder that is included is of a lesser quality than one might be used to, but it can accommodate those who are finding themselves out in the woods or in a survival situation. One might want to make sure that the winds are calm before opening it for use.

The travel-friendly bong only has tips and paper storage that is suited for their sin brands. This means that popular RAW or OCB papers are too big to fit into the compartments. A lot of smokers do prefer them and would not want to smoke with alpha’s, and so this means that these other brands will need to be carried in secondary places.

It is Alpha-Cat’s papers that are made in China and have a lot of reviews for being of lesser quality, but some smokers out there will not care.

The Ease of Weed Bong Maintenance

The manufacturer states that this is approved for cleaning in the dishwasher, but some other reviewers, like at Hotbox Magazine, say that a resin buildup has the ability to cause a foul odor in the dishwasher. With a minor amount of usage, it will be less likely to do so than if a larger amount of smoke was moved through it.

In any case, there are a great number of cleaning products that should keep it in shape, but one should exercise caution in regards to alcohol solutions because of the plastic and its inherent porous nature. There is a cleaning brush that comes stiff inside the actual down-stem, and it is used to clean that stem in mere seconds as opposed to other manners. A resin smell could afflict the down-stem if the cleaning brush is dirty and kept in that compartment, but a good washing should get everything clean enough so that this will not be too much of a problem.

Disassembled Alpha-Cat Water Pipe

Best Water Bongs and Weed Vaporizers at HoneyStick

The HoneyStick carries a great selection of weed vaporizers, mini glass pipes, and other accessories for dry herb smoking enthusiasts like vertical lighters just made to light your bong. At $59, this all-in-one bong is the perfect choice for a majority of traveling stoners looking to stay discrete. One should understand that there are some small negatives, but this needs to be considered expected for the ultra-portable product types. Most weed smokers would probably still want to keep the main piece of real glass rig for their everyday use, however, when traveling Alpha-Cat is unbeatable. Marijuana and CBD flower can be carried on trips and enjoyed in a great manner with this water pipe bong.