Top 3 Vapor Batteries by HoneyStick

Twist 500mAh Vape Pen Battery

If you love watching gadget reviews and are in the market for a streamlined pen battery for your prefilled cartridges, you’re in for a new treat.

In the video below, Dan from HoneyStick takes you through the HoneyStick Twist Vape Pen Battery line and introduces two new colors that have just been added to the 510 Thread Battery products. These additions are aqua blue and vibrant red with yellow accents, bringing the total color option count to four. You can choose from Matte Black, Silver, Blue and Red!

The kits come neatly packaged in slim rectangular boxes that feature the HoneyStick logo and showcase the device. Clear instructions are printed on the back of the box so you can’t go wrong with usage or details. Once you open the package, you can slide out the transparent tray containing the sleek battery and a USB charger that screws in on the top. You can charge the battery by plugging in the USB charger to either a reliable wall outlet or even your computer.

If you’re looking for more details of using the Vape Pen Battery, that was covered in the HoneyStick Twist Vape Battery introduction video below.

In this video Dan, HoneyStick COO describes the battery’s technical aspects: it is a 500mAh Power/2.0V – 4.0V battery and features adjustable voltage. You can change the voltage by twisting it, making this a simple process! The voltage options are written along the bottom of the pen, so all you have to do is pick the one you want and twist it there.

HoneyStick has created a super high-quality Twist Vape Pen Battery that will give you a lot of life between charges. This is the perfect 510 thread battery for those with prefilled cartridges. It also makes the perfect beginner battery, being easy to use, install and maintain.

Dan also offers his exclusive promo code to use on The code is HONEY420 for a whopping 20% off. And the code doesn’t just cover these nifty vape pen batteries. You can use the code for several other items on the site!

HoneyStick is known for selling high-quality, dependable products that offer new tech features, max performance, and break the bank. They were the first company to create the Sub Ohm Oil Vaporizer and worked hard since then to satisfy both medicinal and recreational users. With the Twist line, their goal is to provide vapor batteries powerful enough to be used as a dab pen simply by adding a wax atomizer. In addition to 500mAh output power, this pen battery has a convenient, knob controlled, variable voltage control and preheat functionality. If you’re looking for your next vape fix, for dab or oil carts – this is the place to go!

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Twist Vape Batteries for Cartridges
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ELF 510 Thread Battery w/ USB Pass-Thru Charging

When buying a vape pen for the first time or using a 510 vape cartilage, most people look for a battery that is both stylish and affordable. The fastest growing and bestselling product of HoneyStick as of late has been the stick batteries, which now come in more colors and with better performance. The HoneyStick ELF 510 thread battery gives you all that and more with its sleek and convenient design that comes in a range of colors.

As with the HoneyStick ELF vape pen line, the batteries come in a variety of colors and textures ranging from metallic to matt and gloss so that you can find something that matches your vibe and gives you an experience that is completely you!

Elf Battery Voltage / Temperature Control

The HoneyStick ELF Vape Pen Battery comes in three different intensity settings ranging from 4.0-3.4 volts to set the temperature as required by the user. The variable voltage function helps make the experience more customizable according to your needs. It operates on a standard five clicks on and off input push-button operation and takes three clicks to change temperature settings. The intensity settings are as follows:

  • Blue – 4.0 volts- High
  • Green – 3.7 volts – Medium
  • Red – 3.4 volts – Low
How to charge vape battery without charger

One of the most recurring inputs we at HoneyStick got was the introduction of micro-USB pass-thru charging, without the need for a charger. This is often seen in top-shelf and more sophisticated vape batteries. This was kept in mind when manufacturing the charging process for this battery that connects to the charging cable which is provided in the package when you buy it. This brings convenience to charge whenever and wherever, especially on the go whilst providing quality at an effective price.

Color Options:

The color options provided for the HoneyStick ELF vape pen battery are as follows:

  • Red
  • Copper
  • Champagne
  • Lime-Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

The finish on most of the colors is a metallic one with sparkling elements, whereas the grey and black come in matt and high gloss finishes, respectively.

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How much are vape batteries and where to buy them?

The HoneyStick ELF vape pen battery for the 510-thread oil vape pen carts is one of the best entry-level vape pen batteries out there with just a $15 price tag. HoneyStick created a battery that is bound to give you the experience you’re looking for if you’re new to vaping or a budget-friendly regular looking for efficiency, this is the battery you need.

Not only does it come in an array of colors that you can choose from to better suit your style but has customizable options for an enjoyable experience. It is efficient, aesthetic, and also convenient giving you the option to charge anytime and anywhere with the micro-USB charging options. So, if you’re at work, on a road trip, or practically anywhere, running out of charge would be the least of your worries. With benefits like these who wouldn’t want to buy it. When comparing to similar products in the market, the HoneyStick ELF vape pen battery 510 thread oil vape pen carts is your best pick.

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JUST CBD Vape Pen Economy Battery

It’s easy enough to find a vape battery that does the job, but the JustCBD twist battery, in collaboration with Honeystick, goes beyond being an acceptable pen battery. The idea came about not only because Honeystick and JUST wanted to create a new improved product, but also because they wanted this battery to combine quality and affordability. This 400 mAh, 510 thread battery is available for only $9.99 and has similar functionality to the Honeystick twist battery while boasting a refined design. This stick battery is compatible with all 510 vape cartridges but also works well with slim wax, and dab atomizers.

JustCBD Vape Batteries Features

Quick operational breakdown. The key features focused on in this video are the pen’s charging port, the variable voltage options that can be utilized by twisting, and its preheating feature. For this low price, everything but a cartridge is included.

Charging. First, to use this pen, it’s important to note that it comes with a smart USB charger; it must be screwed on and is best charged via a desktop computer OR a non-apple USB wall dock – other options may result in insufficient charges or no charge at all.

Button operating functions. The button on the battery must be pressed quickly 5 times to turn on/off. Once activated, different colored lights will illuminate around the button to indicate charge level:
Green is a full charge (or above 50%)
Amber is half charge and under
Red means your vape battery will need a charge soon.

Variable Voltage. The output power of the JustCBD vape pen is regulated by the small knob at the bottom that can dial the output voltage between 2 and 4 volts. This helps accommodate low resistance carts that need lower voltage to maintain terpene content and CBD profile, while still being able to ramp up to 4 volts to provide great variability.

Pre-heat functionality. Finally, there is also a preheat feature that can be activated by rapidly clicking the button twice. This function can be used anywhere, but especially helps in colder areas to ‘soften’ vaping material without burning it.

Style and Color Options of CBD Pen Battery
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With these functions out of the way, we’ve arrived at the diverse styles there are to choose from for this battery.

GRAY – Starting off with Matte Gray, it’s simple but elegant and well known for being the top choice for luxury cars like Mercedes’ or Bentleys.
BLACK – Next, a classic Black coloring with a plain soft finish, perfect for any slim pen enthusiasts.
GOLD – The Matte Gold and Polished Metal colorings have a bit more glamor while still being subtle.
STAINLESS-STEEL – There are also few styles that add some luster, the traditional brushed Stainless-Steel design.
ROSE GOLD – Vibrant Rose Gold color.
BLUE – Finally, there’s an icy Aqua Blue that brings a pop of color with it.
RED – Sleek, reflective sportscar Red that’ll catch the attention of anyone nearby.

All these choices and they’re all the same super-low price of just $9.99. Given the care that’s gone into the overall design of this nuanced Honeystick / JustCBD twist vape battery, it’s high quality, and the affordable price tag, this is a deal that’s hard to pass up.

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