Best dab pen battery options

Is your battery suitable for vaping wax?

In general, the wax pen or mod battery would be any vaporizer power plant with the 510 thread. Depends on the dimensions and power requirements of your wax cartridge, you can vape your concentrates using a variety of batts. From small stick 510 batteries like our Phantom Carbon fiber, delivering up to 4V with 500mAh capacity to full-size vape MODs like our Sport vaporizer, with up to 60 watts of power output.

If you’re into vaping CBD crumble, butter wax or any other concentrate, then you probably know that not all batteries and cartridges are the same. For many vape enthusiasts, having multiple carts and a variety of pens for different purposes is a normal occurrence. Interchangeable vape batteries and components are not always compatible with one another. This can be frustrating when you buy a new battery just to find out your cartridge doesn’t work with the type of connection your battery has. For this very reason, we recommend sticking to 510 thread vape batteries, regardless if it is for wax or oil.

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What makes your vape battery suitable for wax?

Top vape battery choices for dab concentrates

Wattage & mAh Capacity Factor
We have some powerful enough for dabbing batteries that are travel-sized, with a more discreet shape and capacity that can ideal for traveling. We also have heavy-hitter Extreme wax batteries with and output power, that are designed to deliver required by wax carts power to properly vaporize concentrate materials. Full-size batteries also carry a high MAH capacity and will last for many days without charging and many of which offer variable voltage settings.

Variable Voltage & Temperature Control
Another important factor for dab batteries is voltage or temperature control functionality. With variable voltage settings, you can get the perfect temperature for your concentrates or dab extracts. The reason why this is important is that the best-tasting vapor can be obtained when you use specific temperature settings that are optimal for certain extracts and their consistency. Also, several dab tanks or cartridges cannot handle too high wattage options and may burn out or become malfunctioning.

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Top pen battery choices for vaping dab concentrates

HoneyStick carries one of the best dab pen batteries for 510 thread wax cartridge or adapters. When it comes to versatility, there is no better choice than a 510 threaded pen battery and cart option. This type of vape set is very convenient and easy to use, very similar to a nut and bolt connection – one piece just screws right into the other and there is no wrong way to do it.

The HoneyStick Twist Vape Pen Battery is one of our most popular economy vape pens that comes at a very affordable price point and also very durable. Available in 5 different color options, the Twist is available for only $20 and comes with a USB charging module. It has a capacity of 400 Mah and is known to last for a long time when fully charged while only taking about 2 hours to fully charge.

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Wax cartridges are essential for any dab pen

Best Dab Pen Battery and Cartridge Set

Wax vape tank or dab pen cartridge is the key component of any vape pen for used for dabbing. This is the part that vaporizes the concentrate. This component is an essential part in its entirety because without it you don’t get any vapor and it controls the entire dabbing experience.

Capacity Factor
Dab carts very in a fill capacity which is how much dabs or concentrates you can actually load. From small 0.5 gram to large ceramic bowls able to hold and bake even 2 grams of concentrate.

Heater/Atomizer Type
Also, the heating element options came in many variations. From ceramic donut heater which will ‘bake’ the wax entirely, delivering the heat trough entire surface (much like the traditional oven) to quartz coil atomizers, where you apply the dabs straight on the heating coil, which vaporize the material delivering instant hits and most intense rips.

Types of vape tanks for concentrates

Types of wax atomizers
Glass Atomizers

Glass or Quartz Bowl heater used in our Plasma wax pen is one of the best wax atomizers and the most revolutionary dab vaping concept. A proprietary heating element is encapsulated below a glass bowl which will hold the concentrates of your choice. This glass ( Quartz) is “super-heated” by the Plasma heater but the wax DO NOT come in direct contact. The main advantage of having this type of heater for your dabs is that the material is never exposed to the heat directly (no burning), yet heat-up time is instant, and goes up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceramic Donut / Bowl Atomizers

The Ceramic Bowl Heaters are used in the Stinger, Aficionado (in addition to dual quartz rod heater) and Extreme (in addition to the monster triple coil heater) wax tanks. Ceramic donut type of atomizer will heat up equally the entire surface of the bowl where you place your concentrate material and produce the vaper by ‘baking’ it.
– This type of vape heater produces the purest and flavor full rips
– Does not burn the wax even if you hold fire button trough all cycle
– Large capacity options – allows loading your vape with the biggest amount of Dabbs
– 5-8 second heat-up time
– limited temperature/wattage in order to preserve the heating element
– Require higher wattage dab pen battery

The Single, Double and Triple Coil Atomizers

Quartz rod or coil atomizers are used in the following HoneyStick vape carts: the Silencer (singe coil dab cart for small 510 pens/batteries), Aficionado (dual coil heater in addition to a ceramic donut atomizer), HighBrid (dual quartz rods – high endurance wire), Phantom (dual coil wax cartridge), Ripper (dual coil – high capacity sub-ohm tank) and The Extreme wax tank (triple coil, superheat atomizer in addition to a ceramic donut atomizer)
– This type of wax heater produces the biggest, most intense and strongest rips
– Instant/rapid heat-up
– With sub-ohm high wattage settings, this type of atomizer may heat-up to 850°F and beyond – instantly
– May burn your dabs material if overheated
– Require more attention and gentle approach when cleaning the heating rod(s)
– Require a variable voltage dab pen battery to properly set the temperature.

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