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If you’re shopping around for a hand-held portable vaporizer that has a long-lasting battery with variable voltage then you should definitely consider the newest HoneyStick vape pen – the Bee-Master. The Bee-master kit is a custom product that is made from two existing top sellers here at VapeHoneyStick. Those two products are the Bee-Master 510 thread battery kit and the Performance 510 oil cartridge, both of which are sold at Honeystick separately as well. When you combine these two products, you get one of the highest quality portable vaporizers on the market.

Portable, powerful and good looking.

The Bee-Master is a versatile vape kit that uses a standard 510 thread. It is capable of being easily interchanged with various types of carts including pre-filled THC or CBD oil cartridges. If you want to upgrade or change the type of cartridge this kit comes with – simply pick any vape tank (with 510 thread) and it will work flawlessly. The 510 thread battery, as well as the cartridge in the Bee-Master kit, comes with matching multi-colored metal look. This ‘chameleon’ (aka neo-chrome) finish really makes it stand out. The vape cartridge has a 0.5 Milliliter capacity and uses a powerful ceramic heater with 1.20 OHM of coil resistance. It delivers rapid heat-ups and big power. The mouthpiece has a high-quality metal trim which is smooth and the reservoir is made of a thick Pyrex which is known to withstand being dropped.

Priced to sell.

While the Bee-Master Essential Oil Vape Kit is a super portable, lightweight product, its highly durable for the on-the-go lifestyle. We’ve priced this amazing combo product to sell – offering it for just $34.95. We also offer free shipping when you purchase $100 worth of products from our store.

Bee-Master 510 thread vape pen instructions

Bee-Master Vape Pen How-To Instructions

Turn the unit ON/OFF.

To turn on the Bee-Master Nano, make sure it charged then simply press the main button rapidly 5 times. You will notice the light starts to illuminate different indicating that it’s on now and ready to use.

3 Temperature settings.

The Bee-Keeper Oil Pen has 3 different temperature settings to choose from. To toggle between the settings, simply press and hold the main button for 3 seconds then tap the button once to toggle between the 3 different modes. The red light indicates that it’s working at the highest level which is 4 volts. The green light means that it’s at the lowest voltage setting which is 3.6 volts. Lastly, the blue light indicates that the Nano is working in the middle setting which is 3.8 volts. We recommend starting off with the lowest temperature and then working your way up to see which voltage setting delivers the best tasting hits.

Press and hold to vape.

You can use all types of vape e-liquid or oil with the Performance tank included with this HoneyStick portable vaporizer. It works with thin e-liquid, flavored e-juice, and various types of CBD and THC oils (even the thick ones). When you’re ready to vape, simply press and hold the button while taking a nice hit.

510 Thread Battery Specs

Bee-Master 510 Thread Battery Highlights

The Bee-Master vape is super easy to use. Just like all of the vape pens made by Honeystick. The only maintenance required is simply charging the battery which can be done over a few hours using convenient ‘screw-in’ type of USB charger which is included with the kit.

Universal 510 Thread

The Bee-Master vape battery is meant to be used with included Performance oil tank. However, the threaded connector is in the industry-standard generic 510 size. It will work with any pre-filled cartridges from your smoke-shop. The best looking everyday battery for any 510 thread carts, including majority or prefilled CBD or THC oil cartridges.

Pre-Heat and Variable Voltage functionality

The battery has the pre-heat functionality, great for thick oil carts as well as concentrate atomizers. 3 temperature settings (3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V)

350mAh Capacity Battery

The Bee-Master comes with a 350 mAh capacity, lithium-based battery. It can last for several days without needing to be recharged.

Complete Kit

The kit includes a ‘screw-in’ type convinient USB charger, stylish multicolor vape battery in 510 thread, and the Performance Oil cartridge with the ceramic heater. It also comes in a neat little wallet-sized hard travel case to keep your Bee-Master protected while on the go.

Charging the battery

Charging the Bee-Master is super simple – simply screw on the battery to the charging port (don’t over-tighten it, just apply enough strength to make contact). Once the battery is connected to the charging port, plug the USB end to a wall adapter that is not an Apple adapter. Any wall adapter will work but we don’t recommend Apple ones. When you first get your Bee Master Nano, be sure to charge it for about 2 hours to train the battery. The battery typically arrives with only a 20% charge due to shipping regulations. After charging it for about 2 two hours, you’re good to start using your Nano.

Performance 510 Cartridge w/ Ceramic Heater

HoneyStick Performance Oil Cartridge

Sub-Ohm power with 510 cartridge portability.

It has always been a challenge to close the performance gap between sub-ohm vape tanks and standard cartridges that can work with 510 thread vape pen batteries and vaporizers.

Ceramic heater with oversized inlet holes.

Performance CCEL Cartridge provides great flavor and just plain rips hit after hit due to its ceramic powerful heater and oversized inlet holes. The Hear of this best performance lies with a Ceramic powerplant that has instant heat up times but provides purity and a hit volume you simply don’t get out of standard 510 thread cartridges.

Simplicity to filling/refilling.

The usual difficulty of filling/refilling of small 510 cartridges also been resolved. The limited space between the tank reservoir and center post always makes this process a bit problematic. In the Performance CCEL cart, when you unscrew the top to fill up the oil, the center post and heater of the tank are removed. This creates a large easy to fill surface, for your essential oil.

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90 Days Guarantee

The Honeystick stands behind their name. The Bee-Master pen is one of our top selling vapes. We guarantee it will work beyond your expectations right out of the box. But just in case, all our products are also covered by a 90-day warranty which covers included 510 thread battery, cartrige and even the hard case. We strongly recommend it as every day or travel vape pen with a high capacity battery. If you have any questions about this product or any of the products for sale on our website please don’t hesitate to call or message us. One of our knowledgable sales representatives will be standing by ready to help you.

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