Fixing common vape problems in 15 easy ways! Vaping is becoming extremely popular day by day. One of the reasons why it is so loved is because of how convenient it is once you get the hang of it.
However, it can become extremely frustrating when you take out your e-cigarette and realize that it is not working, or there is something wrong with it.
Most of the time, these problems arise due to it being mishandled by the user. Here is a list of common issues that you may face and ways to solve them.

Are You Inhaling It Properly?

One of the common vape problems leaking you may find in vape pen / cartridge or realize that your atomizer head is malfunctioning even though your device isn’t even that old. A common cause for damages in vape tanks or cartridges is when the user draws too hard.

Because e-cigarettes are different from normal ones and are even more concentrated, you should use a light hand and be careful when inhaling.

It isn’t Turning On

Another issue in common vape problems is that your vape pen isn’t turning on. Do not immediately assume that it is broken. Check if the battery is charged or if there are any problems with the battery’s connection to the vape tank.

Make sure that your vape battery is charged or keep an extra device on hand in case of emergencies.

Common vape problems - Vape pen is Turn OFF

It Keeps Flickering On and Off

A device flickering on and off is a common vape problem that we face nowadays with any vape device. First, make sure that your vaporizer is properly charged.

Secondly, observe and see if any dried vape oil or e-liquid or dirt in any other form is building up and getting in the way of the power connection.
A good solution would be to clean it thoroughly or to replace it.

The Vape Battery Does Not Last Long

Taking out your vape pen and seeing that it is low on charge can be annoying, especially if you recharged it not too long ago.

If you are using the incorrect charger then your battery life might decrease. If the problem persists after using the correct charger, you might have to replace your vape battery. In case you’ll need a new and reliable vape for your essential oils – checkout the HoneyStick Oil Vape Pen products. Performance, durability, and reliability are the key factors behind any of our products.

The Vape Oil Tastes Off

While using your oil vaporizer, it may appear that there is a lack of flavor, or the flavor might be off. One thing to note is that there are some flavors that are meant to taste light or weak. However, if the atomizer is not clean, or overused then it will affect the flavor and amount of the vape you will get.

Residue from old vape oils can build up and even burn, which will give a really off-putting and burnt taste while vaping. Therefore, make sure that you clean it thoroughly when you notice a change in flavor.

Not Getting Any Taste at All

When you regularly use e-cigarettes, especially if you stick to one flavor, the vape juice might become flavorless. It might not be your e-cigarette’s or vape juice brand’s fault, but due to your vape routine.

When your taste buds get used to a flavor they gradually become less prone to detect it, especially if you continuously use it.

A good way to avoid this problem is to switch between flavors and try new, good quality juices from places such as Belivio. This way, your taste buds won’t get tired of the same old flavors.

A Leaking Vape Tank

A leaking vape tank is definitely one of the common vape problems. It might not necessarily mean that it is a broken one. First, check if the vape cartridge is closed properly with all the seals intact. Then, if it is still leaking check for any cracks.

Replace your device if you find it to be broken, because a damaged tank will make you burn through the e-liquid a lot quicker. We have Oil Cartridges and 510 thread vape tanks available.

There Isn’t Enough Vapor

Insufficient vapor production could affect the quality of the e-liquid. If the juice is low in concentration of VG, it will not produce a lot of vapor.

Another cause is low battery. Make sure that your device is charged and that residue is not getting in the way of the power connection.

Experiencing a Dry Hit

A dry hit occurs when the vape tank of your device is empty and can be quite harsh on your throat. It also happens when your device is burning through the vape oil very quickly.

To remedy this, before starting up your vaporizer, make sure the tank is full.

Overfilling the Tank

Be sure not to fill the tank above the airflow point. Just like using an empty e-cigarette can be unpleasant, an overfilled one can be, too. If you overfill it, you might end up getting the juice in your mouth.

This might not only be harmful but is also a waste of e-liquid.

Getting Vape Oil in Your Mouth

While vaping, if you end up with e-liquid in your mouth, it can be a health hazard. This is usually caused by mishandling the device.

First, you should note that smoking in odd positions or weird angles will cause your e-liquid to spill over. Furthermore, drawing in the vapor too hard will also cause the juice to get in your mouth.

It Isn’t Quite Hitting the Throat

Vaping e-liquids to get that sensation of it hitting your throat is an acquired taste and so, it means that not all liquids will give you this feeling. So, to get the right e-juice that will hit the throat, you could switch to one with a higher PG concentration.
Additionally, menthol and citrus notes can replicate this effect.

The Hit Is Way Too Strong

Another one of the common vape problems you may experience is that your hit is way too strong or powerful.
If your throat gradually becomes sore as you vape, you should consider cutting down on nicotine amount in your vape juice or switching to a juice which is low in PG.

Also, make sure your vaporizer is set to lower voltage/wattage, to begin with, then adjust its power accordingly to your preferences.

common vape problem - Vaporizer set on High Wattage

Hearing Odd Sounds

Vaporizers are not meant to make gurgling sounds, so if your device is making noise, it might be a sign that you are overfilling your device.

Suspicious Looking Vape Liquid

If your oil is a darker color than it should be, there could be several reasons for this. You should first make sure that the juice isn’t expired or else it will be a health hazard.

If the issue isn’t your juice, check to see if your tank is clean.

Final Thoughts

Even though ecigs and vape pens have been around for a while and are very popular, they can be frustrating devices to use if we don’t handle them properly. By following these tips and cleaning your device properly, you will hopefully not face any problems while vaping.