The HoneyStick Wax Pens

The HoneyStick Vape Pens for Wax Concentrates

Pick your perfect Concentrate Wax Vape Pen or 510 thread DAB concentrate cartridge for your vape. The HoneyStick wax vape pens for “on-the-go” lifestyle as well as wax vaporizers that are stealth and very discreet. Go with the HoneyStick if you like your vape to be small, stylish and compact, yet don’t want to sacrifice the full-size box vaporizer performance. We offer wax pens for the max flavor that you get off of the dabs combined with the power and volume of the hit the number of fills with the heat up time.

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Wax Vape Pen – Plasma GQ

The revolutionary wax vape pen – the HoneyStick Plasma GQ. Really unique technology that has not yet been brought to pocket-sized wax pens. It works
great with the CBD crumble which is a waxy form of CBD Concentrate. The plasma GQ has a glass chamber with heating element and bowl on the inside now this does look a lot different from what you have seen. The DAB heating technology that you can only find in tabletop rigs where the wax does not actually touch or interact with the coil heating element. The proprietary heating element of this dab pen sits directly below a quartz glass bowl and the quartz glass bowl is what your wax concentrates go into. The quartz bowl gets superheated (850 degrees Fahrenheit), the concentrate gets ‘baked’, but don’t actually touch the coil.

Wax Vape Pen - The Plasma GQ
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The Stinger Vape Pen for Wax
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The Best DAB Pen – The Stinger

The Stinger DAB pen is predominantly used for concentrates wax dabs and any type of shatter or crumble. The tank is made out of ceramic so be gentle with it. To load it, simply wiggle the top off and you can expose the ceramic bowl which is a donut style heater. Now, take the dab put it into the unit wiggle the top back on and vape-on! Don’t run this unit over 12 watts to avoid the risk of burning it out or shortening the life of the ceramic coil. The Stinger DAB pen is using powerful 1100 mAh battery with 3 power output settings for 10W, 15W and 20W.

The Phantom with Oil & Wax Cartridge

Phantom vape MOD with both, WAX and Oil 510 Cartridges. 2 in 1 vaporizer for oils & concentrates. This mini MOD uses a very convenient squeeze action trigger to vape. High-end conceal look unit that works with most prefilled 510 oil cartridges and comes with a unique wax/concentrates adapter as well. For wax concentrates it uses a dual quartz rod heater with a ceramic bowl and upper mesh guard, with stainless steel mouthpiece. For Oils, it has a premium glass 510 thread tank that is refillable, and large inlet holes for maximum absorption. If you are looking for oil pen – checkout the HoneyStick Oil Vape Pen selection.

The Phantom with vape pen 510 wax cartridge
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Dab Tank for 510 thread wax pens - The Highbrid
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Highbrid Vape Tank for 510 Dab Wax Pen

Highbrid DAB Tank – the HoneyStick vape adapter attachment for wax and dabs that works with any 510 thread mod batteries. This wax tank kit comes with one of the best DAB tools available. Made out of stainless steel, can be torched and has a really good curve. You will also have an extra heater in case if you burn the original one out. The DAB heater is using a large ceramic bowl with dual quartz rods delivering rapid heating with up to 23W power. Highbrid is the ultimate vape tank for all type of waxy concentrates.

Rip’n’Ditch Dab Pen

The HoneyStick Rip and Ditch, the one and only wax vape product that is disposable. Once you’re done using it and the battery runs out (approx 200 rips) you just throw it away. It’s a really convenient Dab Pen, mostly used when traveling because you don’t have to carry your expensive concentrate vaporizer unit worried about losing it or getting any type of residues, scratches or dents when travel. Rip’n’Ditch dab vape pen is very popular among our dispensary clients and high tourist area smoke shops. The main reason is those pens are really convenient when you’re on the go. It’s a push-button unit most of the other disposable dab pens are auto-draw, so they don’t heat up as quickly and do not deliver enough of the heating power for concentrate atomizer. Our Rip and Ditch unit is also one that has a locking feature so it won’t start going off in your pocket, which could possibly waste your expensive concentrates. Our disposable dab vape stick comes with a magnet dab tool that will attach to it for easy transport purpose. The unit is using a ceramic bowl and instant-heating quartz heater for vaping concentrates.

Rip'n'Ditch Dab Pen for On-the-Go
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HoneyStick addition to best dab wax pen collection
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NANO Dab Wax Pen

The newest HoneyStick addition to the best dab wax pen collection – the NANO vaporizer for all types of concentrates, including Shatter, Crumble, Rosin and pretty much any waxy extract you like to vape. The Nano dab wax pen is using powerful singe coil wax atomizer with ceramic bowl and Iron, Chromium, & Aluminum blended Heater wire. The coil heating rod is composed of silicon carbide delivering very fast heat-ups and really power-hits every time. Nano’s dab wax pen battery carries 500 mAh of capacity and variable voltage functionality, letting you dial desired temperature and vaping power for your concentrates. Nano dab wax pen is priced to sell – with $20 price tag it is a bargain for such high-quality vaporizer.