Best Vape Gift Ideas for 2019 Holidays

HoneyStick 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Are you on the hunt for a holiday gift that will really impress that special someone in your life that uses a vaporizer? If so, then you have found the right place. Here at Vape HoneyStick we have a plethora of vaporizer gift sets that would make the perfect gift for your friend, family member or loved one.

There couldn’t be a better time to buy a vaporizer than the holidays due to the fact that there are so many holiday discounts. On our website, you can easily shop from a wide variety of gift ideas ranging from below $100 flower vaporizers, wax pens and much more. Make sure you visit our great oil vape pen section and pick one of many great HoneyStick vape pens for sale. On the budget.

On this 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, we’re going to highlight 4 of the best vaporizer gift set deals that we offer for sale on our web-store, on any budget! If you have any questions about the products featured in this blog post, please feel free to chat or call us to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative.

HoneyStick Luxury Gift Selection

Luxury Gift Phantom Signature

The Phantom Signature
2-in-1 Oil & Wax Vaporizer

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Luxury Gift The Ripper Vaporizer for Oils and Wax

The Ripper
Essential Oil & Wax Vaporizer

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luxury Gift Set Sub-Ohm Carbon Fiber

The Sub-Ohm Carbon Fiber
Thick Oil Vaporizer by HoneyStick

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Best Gift Set For Him – Luxury Vaporizer Phantom Signature for Oil & Wax

Our first recommended gift option is the 2 in 1 Phantom Signature Edition vaporizer that is made to work with oil and wax. This unit performs flawlessly with concentrates, it has a ceramic bowl and mesh-guard built-in. It also has a glass tank that is fillable with a stainless mouthpiece that has large inlet holes. This vaporizer works well with wide tanks or standard tanks, short tanks or long tanks as well. It’s a very versatile unit that is designed to provide many years of hassle-free use. It has a long-lasting battery and fast charger that is easy to travel with. It also has 4 different temperature settings which really allow you to dial in that perfect temperature to get the best flavor from your hits. This unit uses a squeeze activated action instead of a button that can sometimes get stuck.

Gifts under $100

Gifts below $100 AeroBee Vaporizer

AeroBee Digital Vaporizer
For 510 Thread Cartridges

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Gifts below $100: HRB Turbo

HRB Turbo
Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Gifts below $100 BeeBox PRO

BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
For both: PODs and 510 Cartridges

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Best Gift Set For Her: The Beekeeper 2.0 Multi-Color Limited Edition

The BeeKeeper 2.0 with the multi-colored (Neo-chrome) finish and a great gift for him or her to consider for the holidays. It’s said to be one of the best concealed 510 thread vaporizers on the market and is very affordable. It works with nearly all types of vape cartridges including The BeeKeeper 2.0 comes with a high capacity 650 MAH / 4-volt battery that lasts a long time when fully charged. A stainless steel mouthpiece and ultra-wide bore cartridges are included in the kit along with a USB charger for convenient on the go charging. This unit is very user-friendly and is perfect for those looking to travel with a concealed tank vaporizer that is hassle-free.

Gifts under $50

Gifts below $50 Elf Auto Draw

The HoneyStick Elf
Auto Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer

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Gifts below $50 Beekeeper Multicolor

BeeKeeper 2.0 Multi-Color
Limited Edition Oil Vaporizer

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BeeBox Auto-Draw Oil Vaporizer
Mini-Mod For 510 Thread Cartridges

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Dry Herb Vaporizer makes the Best Gift for Any Cannabis Enthusiast

For the Cannabis Enthusiast that prefers to vape dry flower, the HRB Turbo is definitely a vaporizer that you’ll want to consider as a gift set for that special someone. This is a very durable handheld vaporizer with a unique rugged look that is designed to provide many years of hassle-free use. The HRB Turbo is designed to work with traditional dry herb by heating it up in the ceramic heating chamber that is provided. It has a digital display that shows the temperature and battery life which is very convenient. The HRB Turbo has a long-lasting battery and comes in 3 awesome color options. We’re currently offering the HRB Turbo for a discounted rate for the holidays, call or chat with us to learn more about this awesome product and feel free to check out the review video. See all the best dry herb vaporizer choices HoneyStich has to offer.

Gifts under $30

Below $30 Gifts - Phantom Vape Battery

The Phantom Carbon Fiber
Vape Pen Battery Kit

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Below $30 Gifts Wax Nano-Dabber Wax Pen

The HoneyStick NANO
Dab/Wax Vape Pen

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Gifts below $30 Bee-Master Vape Pen Kit

The Bee-Master
Oil Vape Pen Battery Kit

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The Plasma Wax Pen – Gift that keeps giving

The 4th recommended gift which keeps on giving is the Plasma GQ wax pen. This powerful vaporizer is designed to work with wax concentrates and has a 1200 MAH high capacity battery. Plasma vaporizer is just one of many wax pen choices HoneyStick has to offer. GQ works with a state of the art system that delivers the fastest heating times on the market. In the concentrate vape tank of this wax pen, you’ll find a quartz bowl that is perfect for getting the most flavorful, thick hits. The Plasma GQ wax pen comes with a USB charger, replacement glass, quartz bowl, cleaning tips and a high-end dab tool for a price point that is very favorable.

Shop for 2019 Holiday Gift at Honeystick

When shopping for the perfect gift for her or him, it’s always important to know who you’re buying from. We encourage our customers to do their due diligence on us to find out what we’re all about. We have a great rating online both on Google and Facebook and we have a great audience on our Youtube channel since we are always making new product review videos.

Here at Vape Honeystick headquarters, we staff vape experts that are passionate about the vape industry. Holiday shopping could be very frustrating. We’ve put together that 2019 holiday gift-guide to make easier for you to find that perfect gift, and more importantly gift in budget! As a company, we pride ourselves on providing the newest and greatest products in the vape industry. Our staff members are constantly working towards improving product design from the customer and audience feedback we get. Whether you’re shopping for a vaporizer gift for the holidays or any time of the year, we will always provide you with the best pricing possible and the best service possible. Thank you for reading this post, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and social media profiles to stay up to date with promotions and new product releases.