Wax Pens and Oil Vape Pens Key Factors

Let’s discuss some of the key differences between the dab pen and oil vape pen units in terms of hardware. They both have a battery that powers up an atomizer however the atomizers and tanks are different. The Wax tank is meant to burn a solid while the vape tank is meant to vaporize a liquid and to be prefilled. The tanks and the batteries in many instances can be the same size as well. One thing you should know is you can put small drops of oil into a wax coil to have it vaporize, but you cannot put wax into an oil tank and expect it to be vaporized. So, if you prefer to vape Wax concentrates it makes your decision very easy and you don’t have to read the remainder of this article too carefully. But if you are on the fence, we will now take our deep dive to analyze if a wax tank or an oil tank is better for you.

Many people come to our customer service and ask which vape is better to own an oil vape pen or a wax pen? which is easier and more convenient to own and more economical. Other factors are how they perform. This article will discuss these points so that when you are trying to decide whether to buy a vape pen for wax or oil, you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Convenience and Availability

Many people today make decisions on convenience over preference or quality and if we rank oil pen VS wax Pen the oil pen wins in convenience and availability. The 510-thread prefilled oil tank has become the most common way to purchase ready to vape concentrates at dispensaries and are most readily available as to different waxes. Oil pens are also neater and easier to use as wax pens you have to load the chamber with an amount of wax usually less than a gram and they are not sealed so if left on its side while hot you are more prone to leaks and you have to load the dab tank yourself more often. With a prefilled oil tank or oil pen, the unit is filled and sealed at the manufacturer level and the end user doesn’t have any filling or refilling to perform and the tanks are sealed and leak proof. Furthermore, most oil cartridges are filled with 1ml or 1Gram of concentrates which will last quite a while and not require refilling.

Oil vape vs Dab pen Examples

How Much is a Dab Pen?

How much is a wax pen cost depends on several factors. In general dab pens are more economical because they have replaceable coils within them. With oil tanks when your tank runs out or burns out you need to buy a whole new tank, when your wax pen burns out you simply need a new coil which is inexpensive compared to a tank. In General, also concentrates cost less than oil so using these dabs as opposed to prefilled medicinal oil vape cartridges will definitely save you some money. Another dollar factor to concern is 510 thread battery you use for your vape. Slim vape pen batteries are generally cheaper than a full-size vape mod, with all the whistles and bells.

$29 – Nano-Dabber Dab Pen
Aficionado Dab Pen
$88 – DAB Vape Pen Kit
$99 – Extreme 2.0 Defender Dab Pen
Plasma 2.0 Wax Pen
$149 – Plasma GQ 2.0 Wax Vape Pen

Oil vape vs Dab pen Performance

Both Wax and oil pens have various models available and have comparable performance metrics in terms of vapor volume and effect as well as features. It comes down to which form of concentrate has the better taste, flavor, activation, or effect for your lifestyle. There are great pens available in both categories that can focus on flavor or intensity to hit your sweet spot, so this category is a dead tie. Check out our post about Dabbing with the Best Dab Pen Battery for a more detailed view of vape battery options.

Ease of use

if you are a beginner, it would be easier to start off on an oil pen. Because wax pens are more intuitive and not preloaded you would have to already have a basic knowledge of vaping devices to take them apart service them and reloaded them continuously.
Most wax pens are not meant for Novice users but the wealth of information and demonstrations on YouTube make it a very easy hurdle to get over.

Oil Vape Pens Simplicity


Although Oil vape vs Dab pen is a close race and, in the end, comes down to personal preference, we would recommend anyone on the fence to purchase a cart pen over a wax pen as that is an easier and more convenient way to get started into vaping concentrates. The upkeep and maintenance are very low and the availability is very high across the country for prefilled oil cart pens. As dab vape pens become more popular this might change as there have been huge advancements in the last couple of years making Dab pens smaller easier to use and perform better. The place where dab vapes really shine currently is on economics, wax pens are in general cheaper to buy and the upkeep on the pens in terms of replacement parts and maintenance is less costly than comparable oil pens. Just at the existing moment in time, we think consumers are more concerned with availability and convenience.