6 Simple Tips to prolong the life of dry herb vaporizers
Lately, vaping has picked up on the charts of trends and taken the cannabis world by storm. It not only promises recreation but can also be of help in medicinal remedies. CBD or Dry herb vaporizers can help people relieve themselves from many ailments like arthritis, anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, among various others.

Since vaporizers are a new product in the world, there are a lot of misconceptions that exist pertaining to its usage. Whether or not the device is used regularly, if it is clinically tested, or other questions of the sort are sometimes asked by people using these devices. It is important that people get pertinent education about them, and then use it to their liking.

Highlighting some tips, we focus on the working and foundation of a vaporizer in the realm of e-cigarettes and cannabis.

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Working of cannabis vaporizers

The basic principle upon which dry herb vaporizers work is heating which creates vapors, either through the conductive or convective process. Conductive vaporizers heat the outer surface of the vacuum where the dry herb is placed, whereas, convective vaporizers heat the space around the herb. When using conductive vaporizers, the user would have to keep shaking the device so that the herb doesn’t burn in the vacuum space.

It is to note that vaporizers are considered a healthier alternative because of the fact that it doesn’t really burn the cannabis but produces vapor by heating it, resulting in no smoke. Cannabis itself is considered a harmful thing when consumed through inhaling its fumes from the smoke. Like tobacco cigarette burns and produces smoke, cannabis smoke can also be harmful. That is why switching to vaporizers means that one can easily get the benefits of CBD, terpenes.

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Some of the tips that are pertinent for vaporizers are:

1. Vaporizer Preheat Mode

It is recommended that a person preheats their vaporizer to assure that the best temperature is achieved and there are thick, even drags. Preheat functionality is used in order to get the dry herb vape chamber to vaporization temperature (about 340°F). This process is relatively quick, usually in about 20 seconds 15 seconds.

2. Dry Weed Vaping

For best results when vaping CBD weed, it is essential that substance is slightly dry and heated properly. This is because the vaporizer does not heat substance with a flame and has a low temperature. Take into consideration the fact that substance should not be too moist when vaping.

3. Temperature settings for a weed vaporizer

Experts suggest that the best temperature for vaping weed is around 340 degrees Fahrenheit while some deem that one can easily be flexible wand push it a bit. It is because the cannabis starts to combust at 410 degrees Fahrenheit and at that temperature, it is not recommended to inhale from vaporizer as it might contain the same carcinogens that are harmful. To be able to achieve the best temperature is a challenge and can mean that cannabinoids and terpenes are burnt equally to produce a consistent, smooth vapor.

These recommendations for the temperature of vaporizers are somewhat necessary for one to maintain so that the user has the best possible vaping experience with their vape oil pen or weed vaporizer.

4. Grind of Substance

The weed or substance should be well-grinded as it should be consistent and not too fine. It should not be in the form of powder or big lumps. Avoid filling the chamber fully with substance to get even distribution of heat to the substance.

5. Drag length of vaporizers

When vaping weed, it is recommended not to take long drags of substance and keeping it in your lungs. Rather it is better to vape small drags with consistent breaths so that the result is instant and efficient. Another reason to avoid long drags often leads to dizziness and headaches as well.

6. Keep your dry herb vape clean

The vaporizers should be regularly cleaned and washed to make sure there isn’t a residue left. To have smooth and clean vapors one must ensure the substance is clean. It is also recommended to change any part from any store like LongHorn Vapor Company, so it isn’t rusted because best vape pens also deteriorate.

Maintaining your vaporizer can be a daunting task, but once done right, it can instill better vape experience for you. Not only does it make the clouds of weed better but can be helpful when used as a remedy for ailments. Adhered to these tips and keep your vaporizer healthy, regulated and well-versed.