Oil Vape Pen Kits – What Are They?

Shopping for CBD oil vape pen starter kit? All-inclusive Wax starter kit? Whether it’s for dabs or oil choosing the right vape pen can be overwhelming. There are so many battery and coil options from not to mention there are so many brands and models to choose from. Technology for vape pens has advanced so far that now you can buy modular components that use interchangeable parts like a battery, tank, and charger. These 3 components are typically the main parts of any vape product and if you want a long-lasting oil vape pen, you need to know which brands and models are known for being high quality.

CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit
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Here at VapeHoneystick.com, we strive to simplify the shopping process for those that are either new to vaping or for those that simply want to buy a kit that comes with high-quality components while saving some money. Our weed vape pen kits typically include several components that you can buy individually but we package them up into a nice carrying case and sell all of the components at a lower price. So, when searching for the best Oil Vape Pen available for sale online be sure to stop by Vapehoneystick.com to get the best options and the best pricing.

The Best Value Oil Vape Pen Kits

We know that customers always enjoy getting great value when purchasing any product. Many vape stores sell low quality stuff that only lasts a few months before the battery stops working or the atomizer breaks. When you purchase any product from Vapehonestick.com you can expect your product to be top-shelf and long-lasting. Our wide selection of replacement parts and readily available customer service staff are always here to help you in the future.

Our most popular refillable CBD oil vape pen starter kits in no particular order are the Beekeeper, the Phantom and the Sport Oil Kit.

The BeeKeeper 2.0 – Best Mini Vape Mod for CBD Oil

The 2.0 BeeKeeper is the newest upgraded version released in 2019, with the upgraded finish and a tighter button construction. What makes The 2.0 the best mini vape mod for CBD oil is wider magnetic mouthpiece opening, which allows you to fit all pre-filled CBD oil cartridges you can get from your dispensary or online. Get monster hits with your favorite extracts or e-liquids. It works with a standard 510 thread and has a 650 MAH battery known to last a long time. The slim and unique design of the Bee Keeper oil vape pen is very sleek and easy to conceal. Check out the review video of the Beekeeper 2.0 below:

Beekeeper 2.0 Mini Vape Mod for CBD Oil
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Just like most vape pens, you simply add your CBD cartridge (or use refilable 510 oil cartridge included in kit), then click the power button 5 times to turn it on. After it’s on, you simply press and hold the button when inhaling to get a hit of your favorite liquid or extract. With the 2.0 you may notice that the vaping process works a little differently, at first the coil doesn’t reach the top temperatures, instead, it gradually increases to the top temperature so you can get a smooth gradual hit. The 2.0 also has a much more solid connection on the battery connection point where the battery makes contact with the vape cartridge.

There is a limited-edition BeeKeeper 2.0 that is wrapped in a multi-color chameleon-like color that is really neat. Check out the Beekeeper 2.0 and more options right on our website in the vape oil pen kits category.

The Phantom 2 in 1 Vaporizer for CBD Oil and Wax Dabs
Vaporizer Kit for CBD Oil and Wax Dabs
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Aside from our Beekeeper2.0 we also carry a Phantom 2 in 1 kit that comes with everything you need to start vaping wax or oil. Instead of purchasing an oil tank and wax tank individually, you can save money and get an awesome deal on the 2 in 1 Phantom. Recently, the Phantom signature series which offers a unique leather that looks like carbon fiber casing and upgraded metal compared to the original Phantom.

This is a squeeze action unit that allows you to control the temperature with different settings that can be changed with the button under the latch cover. The Phantom runs on magnet system, unlike other pens that use 510 threading. This is a great option for someone that is looking for a concealed tank and that is very durable. It’s a great options for someone that is looking for a vape pen for oils or wax.

Sport Sub-Ohm Oil Vape Pen Kit
Vape Pen Kit for Essential Oils
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The Sub-Ohm Sport kit is one of our most popular vape pen kits for sale. It provides a ton of value considering all of the parts that come with it are high-quality and at the same time slightly discounted. The Sub-Ohm Sport kit has a unique design that is sleek and very durable, it comes highly recommended for anyone that is looking for a versatile vape kit.

The Sport kit comes with a charger, replacement spare heater and built-in 2200 MAH battery that is known to last a long time. It has a leather carbon fiber trim grip on the battery and has a maximum operating wattage of 60 watts. This product actually has a built-in safety feature where it starts to shut down automatically if it ever becomes overheated for long periods of time to prevent damage. It also features a variable voltage controller allowing you to test different voltage settings to obtain the best tasting hits. The sub-ohm vape pen takes about 2.5 hours to reach a full charge and uses 510 threading which is very popular among all makes and models. The kit also includes replacement coil and the capacity of the Sport oil vape tank is 2.0 ML. To learn more about this top-selling product, check out our video below:

The Best Vape Mods Made Easy

Besides CBD oil vape pen starter kit units listed above, there are many other vape kits, dab pens or dry herb vaporizers as well as a ton of individual vape tanks and accessories available for sale on our website. Simply visit the different categories and explore our menu options to find the vape pen that suits your needs. We carry components for dry herbs, extracts and everything in between making it easy to mod your vaporizers. Most of the products we sell work with 510 threading so adding our tanks to your existing battery is often possible. We also carry replacement parts such as coils, tanks, glass tubes, cleaning solutions and more to keep your vape products in optimum shape.

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