The HoneyStick Portable MOD Vaporizers

HoneyStick carries a wide variety of Vape Mod Kits that can truly enhance your vaping experience, regardless of what substance you’re vaping, Herbs, Concentrates or Eliquid. From a full-size vape box mod kit like our Sub-Ohm Sport vaporizer to conceal digital Mini Box Mod vapes such as Aerobee.

Vaping technology has come a very long the recent years and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of vape technology as a trusted online dealer. We carry high-quality vape products that can be used for vaping flower, concentrates essential oils and various extracts including CO2. check out our mini mod kits which come with everything you need to get a better experience from your vaping. When you shop for a vaporizer mod kit at, not only will you find significant savings, you’ll also get some of the most trusted name-brand parts in the vape industry.

Full Size Vape Box Mod Kit
Mini Vape Mod Kit

Why Buy Vape Mod Starter Kits?

Are you searching for a vape mod starter kit online and getting nothing but full-size vaporizer mods that simply come with a charging cable and spare tank? Are you tired of finding nothing but low-end vaporizers that only last for a few days before they break? If so – you need to check out our high-quality vaporizer starter kits that come with several components and accessories, not just a box.

Vape Mod Battery and Tanks – Complete Set

Vape pens generally are made from 2 major components which are vape pen or Mod battery and vape tank or cartridge unit. We carry sets made for e-liquid, essential oil, wax concentrates or even dry herb vaping. They came different in shapes, sizes and power ranges but essentially, all vaporizer kits include the same type of components. These components are typically going to include a battery, an atomizer (aka heating element), a heating bowl for the cannabis extract or dry herb, and chamber or shaft for the vapor to get pulled through and usually a mouthpiece that is either attached to the chamber or detachable. Many of the pens that you see work with a common threading system that allows you to screw everything together.

Compact Portable Mini Mod Vaporizers

How Mini is the HoneyStick Mini Box Mod?

We carry several conceal vaporizers. The newest ELF Twist VV mini vape mod, an auto-draw mini beast with variable voltage settings. AeroBee Digital Vaporizer is another example of a mini box mod for 510 thread prefilled oil vape cartridges with digital display and temperature/wattage control settings.

Honeystick Mod Vaporizers

From Mini To Full Size – The HoneyStick Selection

Our goal is to help our readers understand what to look for when shopping for vaporizer mod start kits so that they get value from their purchase. We will discuss the benefits of vape mods over typical vape pens, the advantage of having multiple types of vape tanks (for e-liquid/oil, wax and dry herb vaping) all compatible with the same mod. And lastly what a vape mod starter kit really is. After reading this article you should have a good understanding of vaporizer mods, vape tanks of all kind and how you can mod them out together in one kit to perform even better. Our Best Vape Mod Starter Kits will allow you to vape whatever type of material you’re into, like THC or CBD Oil, dab concentrates or dry herb flower.

Selection of Honeystick Mini Box Mods
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